66 On Complexity

Zehar #66

66 On Complexity

On the following pages you will find an approach to complexity as offered by science, artistic practice and reflection.

We suggest that you find your way around the following articles, at a leisurely but active pace, without losing your way. In short, we want to offer you the chance to scrutinise, without hurrying, the complexity of everything that surrounds us. Various scientists will offer their reflections on complexity. Creative artists, in turn, will offer theirs on emergence, once the limits of complexity have been exceeded. We shall see how art nourishes and enriches the experience of complexity itself, to the point of stimulating interaction and coexistence between artistic production and the viewer.

One of the aims of complexity is understanding. The following texts deal with this endeavour to understand, this thirst for stimulation and interaction.

Kepa Landa has collaborated in the contents of this issue.


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