As Much As I Sing
Collaborative workshop
may 31, 2010 - jun 04, 2010

As Much As I Sing


Coordination: Audiolab

Date: 31 May - 4 June

Deadline for registration: 25 may. Please send your details to There are no special requirements for taking part in the workshop.

As collaborators, the participants will develop a number of interactive (not necessarily technological) artefacts (in the form of installations, paintings, sculptures, sound and even light) of a recreational and/or educational nature. These will subsequently be used as games or activities for people visiting us from occupational centres in the area. The aim is to offer a creative workshop of sensorially-focused situations which will be of use to everyone involved in the workshop, whatever their condition and/or abilities.

On the last day of the workshop, the sound installations made during the week will be on general view at Arteleku.

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