Arteleku AUDIOLAB was founded in January 2003 to foster experimentation in music and sound.

Managed by Xabier Erkizia and the Arteleku contemporary art centre, AUDIOLAB organises and hosts a range of events, including workshops, seminars, concerts, conferences and other projects.

AUDIOLAB seeks to showcase and back the work of international and local artists by building on the research to create, develop and influence this type of proposals.

It also aims to study the importance of the role of sound in the world of art and in today’s societies in general.

AUDIOLAB has worked and works with different projects and festivals including: ERTZ, PLAZA FESTIVAL, 9CDR, ELEKTRONIKALDIA, ANIMAC, ELECTROGRAPH, [UN]COMMON SOUNDS...

It is also a consultant for the MEDIA LIBRARY run by Arteleku and advises on books, records, DVDs and other documents involving sound.

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