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Who’s talking about art today?
When we considered organising a debate on the teaching of art, on the one hand, we wanted to include the educational memory built up at Arteleku, which like a rolling stone seemed to us to be alive, and on the other, to open up a discussion on the current teaching of art (music, architecture and so on), based on the comments and accounts of people with experience in education who have worked together with Arteleku and/or Zehar.


Imanol Agirre - “The intransigence and arrogance of those who consider themselves to be experts are of little use...”


Juan Vicente Aliaga - “The visual culture in which we now live, in an era of overwhelming capitalism of
information and rapid communication does little to favour unhurried reflection.”


Laura Baigorri - “This conceptualisation of life itself as a film is a symbol of the educating power of the cinematographic.”


Anna Barseghian - Transitional Utopia


José Luis Brea - “I try to foster the development of a scenario in which knowledge is freely circulated.”


Critical practice


Tony Chakar - “...fragmentation is very much in effect, whether in the transmission of “theoretical” knowledge or the practice itself.”


Guadalupe Echebarria - “...there is a dilemma in the art school which parallels the very existence of the school...”


Daniel García Andújar - “Education in the visual arts must offer alternatives for action...”


Marina Grzinic - Education is a strictly political affair


Iñaki Imaz - Pig/Boar. Art Education and Its Contexts


Juan Luis Moraza - Decalogue-wish for an art of teaching (of the arts)


Carmen Navarrete - “...images have been brutally imposed, almost to the point of becoming an instrument of absolute knowledge.”


Carme Ortiz - “ the project grows, so too does their knowledge.”


Carmen Pardo - Opening Spaces withWords


Juan Perez de Lama - Nobody frees anybody else. Nobody frees themselves alone. We men (and women) free ourselves in communion (with machines?)


Platoniq - “We try to make use of any public format to turn it into a production of shared knowledge...”


Eddie Prévost - “Individuality has run riot...”


Juan Antonio Ramirez - “A different attitude is appropriate for each occasion...”


Jane Rendell - Site-Writing: Critical Spatial Practice


Natxo Rodríguez - Art for All, but without Art (in school)


Martha Rosler - “Structures of criticality—critical culture in general—have been swamped by hegemonic commodity-celebrity-military culture...”


Francisco Ruíz de Infante - Inside Out and Vice Versa (ART3 and the ‘art3ists’)


José Antonio Sánchez - “Teaching centres only make sense insofar as they create the lab conditions...”


Joost Smiers - An aesthetic catastrophe / Architecture since modernism


Begoña Vicario - The effects of changes


Gabriel Villota - Three answers (and two practical proposals)

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