65 Performance edition

Zehar #65

65 Performance edition

The current edition of Zehar asks of us, through performance, a dual task: to detach ourselves from the mere immersion in the images of which each moment of our daily lives is composed and also to refl ect on how these images are shaped and on the imperceptible relationships that are gradually woven between them.

In the same way that there are different ways to understand a performance, there are also manifold ways of making use of it. The use of the performance put forward in this number is like that of a broom employed to gather up and tidy the accumulated visual material that we have. The aim, then, is to arrange all the visual material that surrounds us and the structures that are brought to life and made sense of by these images, so allowing us to develop through them and to create new spaces that can respond to our needs.

We have put into print the edition exercises that different people have shown when faced by the accumulation of images of our surroundings. It will therefore be a chain of exercises in series, a kind of incomplete series of scores or rehearsals for different and possible performances. Some of the proposed exercises are theoretical, others deal with performative experiences and, fi nally, there are also actual performative exercises perse.

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