64 Border Bodies

Zehar #64

64 Border Bodies

In the latest issue of Zehar bodies have moved over to fringe areas. We have compiled some of the forms of expression that bodies have produced from fringe areas. These boundaries are quite varied: geographical, political, identity-based, incarnate, pixelated, paper, frontiers in motion.

In fringe areas, bodies find a wide variety of forms of expression. As a result we have published this issue in order to reveal how diverse they are.

Zehar 64 has contributions from: Titus Matiyane, Elke Zobl, Itziar Ziga, Remedios Zafra, Gabriel Villota Toyos, Beatriz Preciado, Encarnación Gutierrez Rodríguez, Marina Grzinic, Alice Chauchat & Frédéric Gies and Iban Ayesta. The various articles reflect the wide variety of fields in which you can find frontier-bodies.

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