Public space and places. The management of complexity

Public space and places: what do we want to talk about?

When we talk about the public space, we are thinking of places of coexistence. Plazas, streets, parks or corners where citizens carry out an endless number of activities throughout their lives. Imagine life in a village or a town and there will be thousands of places associated with shared memories, linked to the experience of living and coexisting. Public space and places.

We are always aware that urban spaces are creations that respond to society’s needs, a system of values, traditions and customs. They are the result of a set of cultural, social and political realities. Therefore, diversity and complexity are two premises that need to be assumed before trying to compose and propose solutions that respond to everyone’s needs.

Working in the public space implies a way of looking, a direct confrontation with life, a technical practice in which the details that make up our projects and images are based on empirical observation, on participatory processes and networks between professionals from various areas.

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