Maps of the place

The projects I am going to present are based on the question of space as representation. My interest in this subject comes from previous work on identity, on an experiential subject, of representation. Accordingly, the context and subject are discursive elements and become interpretative frameworks of each other. The naturalisation of this relation, as the interpretation the context makes of the subjects is assumed as something natural (and, therefore, rendered invisible), is one of the goals of my work. That rendering invisible occurs because the discursive effect is often ignored.

Each space is organised with specific rules, with an «argument» and with a protagonist with whom we are supposed to identify. Thus, the text of the space, with the full range from public to private, since I do not see them as two independent realities, has been deconstructed, reinterpreted, read by many artists and theoreticians to reveal that off-field nature. A critique process that has appeared in all the spheres of representation. In the case of projects for the public space or the projects that hold space as a problem, these critiques are often assumed on a theoretical level, but not on a practical level. Giving up the monument is more complex than it seems. At least, that is what I have seen.

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