In the city of Caracas the meaning of public areas is changing

Situated in the place where the Caribbean and South American tectonic plates collide (in the area of influence of the famous Boconò fault), protected by a Caribbean mountain range known as Sierra de la Costa with peaks higher than 2000 m and in a valley located 15 km from the coast and 900 m above sea level, Caracas is a mountain city. The Guaire is the main river that strives to bring the city to life.

In this city, on behalf of a new model of territorial development, a breakaway from the usual paradigms that guide human activity is taking place, in other words, from the paradigms based on economy, on spatial segregation and on social asymmetries, in the political context of a multidimensional liberation process that includes the entire republic. Awarding constitutional recognition of the Right to the City would be a significant symbolic gesture.

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