Beyond Landscape. Photography and film as place archives
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sep 08, 2010 - sep 10, 2010

Beyond Landscape. Photography and film as place archives


Coordination: Neus Miró

Guest speakers: Emily Richardson, Jane & Louise Wilson, Xavier Ribas

Date: From 8 to 10 September

Place: Koldo Mitxelena, Areto Nagusia

Schedule: 19.00 hours

Contemporary practice more commonly and correctly refers to the subject being studied and explored as "place", "territory" or “site”. Those artists believe a “place” as a space where the reminiscing process continues to trigger the past as something that is – in the words of Henri Bergson, “lived and acted, rather than represented”.

The work of  artists such as Tacita Dean, Roni Horn, James Benning, Darren Almond, Xavier Ribas, Marine Hugonnier, Jane & Louise Wilson, Joachim Koester, Emily Richardson to name just a few, is characterised its fathoming, researching, reconstruction work, which likewise includes political and subjective questioning of the subject being explored.
Works in the form of photography, video and film are based on and are the result of the construction of significant connections at the level of experience with the specific place, and in many cases, are forged over long periods of time. The use of these audiovisual technologies likewise enable the unusual, the instantaneous, the contingent, the fortuitous to be recorded, in a fragmented way in the case of photography and with the possibility of duration and continuity on film.

These seminars will showcases a series of authors who will approach certain places in order to fathom, research and reconstruct the possible narrations linked to those specific sites. Their works, often in the form of photographs, video and film, seek to recover, preserve and visualise those many stories that are accumulated as archives in a geographical place and thus transmit the beauty existing there by capturing the ephemeral and fortuitous that characterise the present. This approach reveals  new perspectives and narratives for the most routine and commonplace settings, which are shown to be essential time capsules.


Open Conferences

8 September, at 19.00 hours: Emily Richardson

9 September, at 19.00 hours: Jane & Louise Wilson

10 September, at 19.00 hours: Xavier Ribas

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