The re-politicisation of sexual space in contemporary artistic practises
2004/09/08 - 2004/09/15 | Arteleku

The re-politicisation of sexual space in contemporary artistic practises


Sólo para tus ojos had feminisms and their political subject, women, as its principal theoretical basis, although Erreakzioa have seen the category of “woman” as a problematic area, as shown in the introduction of the subsequently published book:

“Our awareness of the discovery that this category ‘woman’ is a non-innocent one, has brought about a profound crisis in feminist thought and currently the place of the woman has given rise to a place of difference. As such, the need has been felt to make way for other feminisms, feminisms which can be constructed around open spaces, multiple discourses, distinct visions that are imposing a transcendental change in sync with new social, political, racial or sexual coordinates which sit beside currents of thought and political beliefs in favour of social change and cultural criticism.”
Since the establishment of this seminar-workshop to the current time, a series of discursive and artistic practises and proposals have been developing in Spain around the issue of ‘queer’ politics. ‘Queer’ politics emerged in the United States at the end of the eighties and, from its outset, saw as problematic the natural character of gender and challenged the notion that sexual identities were monolithic and stable.

Seven years later, the proposed seminar has chosen to base itself on the art space lying at the crossroads between critical feminism and queer politics.

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