Street Zinema 06
Exhibition | Projections | Workshop
sep 27, 2006 - oct 01, 2006 | Arteleku

Street Zinema 06


Coordinated by: Perros Callejeros Skateboard Films

We can see for ourselves that the different local scenes on distant continents repeat the obsessive tradition of filming each other to capture in one way or another their ephemeral achievements on that four-wheeled wooden board. This peculiar, apparently harmless process is stepping up the incessant production of non-commercial (or independent) skateboarding videos distributed free over the Internet these are often of better quality than the ones brought out to promote big multinational textile companies who make the hard stuff. American companies, whose professional runners or skateboarders earn exorbitant salaries, are starting to take a look at these extraordinarily fresh, honest videos in order to find these stars of the future who will make them earn more money... And in the meantime, millions of skateboarders will continue to practise and enjoy this activity while ignoring the huge potential that it offers as a vehicle and tool for providing a contemporary critique of life in this “capitalised urbanity”, as Iain Borden (*) would put it, to quote the French thinker, Henry Lefévre.

By screening the different videos shot in previous years we have taken a close look at and collaborated with groups and artists from places such as Latin America, Africa or Eastern Europe. We have discovered landscapes, structures, movements and people who have inspired us to go out and skateboard even harder. This year we are taking a close look at videos shot in Mongolia, Russia or Brazil...

Video –a mundane medium that can even be found on our mobile phones at the beginning of the XXI century- has been our excuse to establish new links in the sometimes childish world of skateboarding, and has helped us to shake up outmoded ways of thinking on the local scene. After more than 15 years immersed in the world of skateboarding -and numerous visits to the orthopaedic department at the hospital- we are convinced that exchanges, collaboration, networking and the transformational power of travel are the keys to the survival of a progressive tolerant kind of skateboarder.

The fact that all the activities are open and offer free access implicitly entails a consciously alternative, counter-hegemonic dissemination of skateboard culture, which is based on continuous process methodology, and the results of this will be published in fanzine format (with an irregular print run) entitled Calle magazine and in numerous blogs at Because of all this –and for all the people from Canada, Mexico, China or Peru that we still haven’t found space for at this festival- we hope that Street_Zinema 06 will once again provide a setting for reflection, debate and exhibitions, and a discordant but friendly cultural alternative.

(*) Skateboarding, space and the city. Architecture and the body, Iain Borden, Berg, Oxford, 2001

1-23 of September in Ernest Lluch Cultural Centre. Exhibition hall (Paseo de Anoeta 7)
Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays 16:00-20:30
Saturdays 16:30-20:30

Exhibition *Paraphernalia:Skate Culture
Coordinated by: Mikel Arbiza Goenaga
This anthropological exhibition analyses the skateboard as an object and as a countercultural tool. It aims to try and find certain local distinguishing identity marks among the huge amount of graphic, photographic and audiovisual work produced by this youthful suburban activity that has been established in our region for three decades.


Thursday, 14th of September in Arteleku (Kristobaldegi 14)

We will be opening the screenings at Arteleku where we will be able to see: the documentary Euskadi Patina by Anai García which tells a personal story about skateboarding in the Basque Country the professional Swedish skateboarder Pontus Alv will be coming to show us his DVD The Strongest of The Strange Alfonso Nogueroles from Madrid will be bringing his documentary Regular, a document that tells the story of Alfonso Fernández, an essential figure in Spanish street-skating, and we will be screening a loaned video of programme nº 686 of Metrópolis on TVE2 entitled Skateboart.

11:00 h. Collective preparation of the 1st issue of the fanzine Calle magazine
19:00-22:00. Screenings:
- Euskadi Patina, Anai García & Jesús Iriarte, Pamplona, 2005, 60’
- Skateboart, Metrópolis-TVE2, Madrid, 2001, 24’
- Regular, Alfonso Nogueroles, Madrid, 2005, 12’
- The Strongest of the Strange, Pontus Alv, Sweden, 2005, 60’


Friday, 15th of September in Sala Kutxa (Arrasate 12)
11:00h. Lectures: Koldo Serra, Alfonso Nogueroles, Scott Bourne, David Couliau & Bertran Trichet.
16:30 h. Skateboarding session on the mini-ramp at Txomin-Enea.
19:00-22:00 hoursScreenings:
- Ideias,, Brazil, 2006, 27’
- Imagination II,, Russia, 2006, 35’
- Jauh Forever!,, Spain, 2006, 60’
- Collective, Niall O’Brian aka NOB, Ireland, 2006, 40’
- Mongolian tyres, Henrik Edelbo, Denmark, 2005, 60’


Saturday, 16th of September in Sala Kutxa (Arrasate 12)
From 19:00 to 24:00 hours

A day devoted to screening films by Basque video-makers who live all over the area of the Euskal-Hiria (or Basque Euro-city): Bilbao, Vitoria, Mondragón, Getxo & San Sebastián. Local propositions filmed in towns like Bayonne, Malaga, Barcelona, Algorta, Gernika or Seville.


- Verano Azul, Orson prod., 1992, 30’
- El Chirifú, Sergio Arroyo, 2006, 35’
- Malas Aguas, Mikeldi de Diego “Maku”, 2006, 60’
- xxx, Juan Limas, 2006, 30’
- xxx, Dani García, 2006, 20’
- 70’s promo, Perros Callejeros, 2006, 30’
- Combo, Juan Aizpitarte, 2006, 4'46"

Sunday, 17th of September in 27 Horas Film club
(Eustasio Amilibia 5)
From 20:00 to 22:00 hours

- Hokus Pokus, H-Street skateboards, USA, 1988, 60’
- 20 Shoot Sequence, World Industries, USA, 1995, 30’
- Tempo, Time skateboards, Australia, 2000, 30’


Perros Callejeros Skateboard Films. Is a small local production company that has already brought out more than 5 DVDs in the most genuine DIY style, whose aim is to establish closer links between the world of skateboarding, popular culture and various forms of urban expression. It has a committed attitude and an independent perspective and has been working for more than 4 years with a cosmopolitan vision in the Basque Country.

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