MID_E. International Show From Euskadi
nov 30, 2006 - dic 02, 2006

MID_E. International Show From Euskadi


 The show is based on three of the areas which better represent this confluence towards the new forms and discourses of contemporary creation look at:

Independent Fashion: Practices that give priority to fashion as a medium of expression. Conceptual fashion, Haute- Couture, art proposals in textile medium, etc. Electronic Image: Digital and electronic formats: video- creation, photography, multimedia art, net- art. DJ- Musical Creation: Sound sessions and/or musical scores created or re-elaborated by discjokeys and musical creators.

MID_E supports the young European creation, favouring the dissemination of works by new talents helped by the presence of already established artists and authors. Among these and up to the moment, the show has counted with: Ana Laura Aláez, Ángel Molina, Ascii Disko, Carles Congost, Daniel Riera, David Delfín, Eugenia de la Torriente, Felipe Salgado, Glamour to Kill, Gori de Palma, Ion Fiz, Iñaqui Marín, Joan Morey, Michael Mayer, Peter Harris, Micko, Silvia Prada, Trudi Woof, Ultralab, Wendy&Jim, Ziad Ghanem…

MID_E proposes a European forum that, with San Sebastian as base and main program of its activity, distributes specific actions in several national and international cultural centres: An international competition, workshops, art events, lectures and round tables, editorial forums and art- clubs.

The programs and activities gathered by MID_E constitute a medium size format planned to offer a well paced and enlightening journey throughout a fine and significant selection of the European avant- garde creation.

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