about mugatxoan

Mugatxoan operates in the field of the relations between the immaterial subject and the spectator, locating the production of these devices within the area of performance art and its derivations.

It is a project dedicated to the artistic investigation; we offer the necessary conditions in order that projects, which are not adapted to the traditional systems of production, take place. These projects, which come from several disciplines, are an opportunity for the renovation of the methods known about production and about the models of work.

The space/rime relation Mugatxoan proposes forms a necessary ecosystem based on open dialogue and common investigation. It allows one to stop and take time, and thus to immerse oneself in the work, in the reflection, in the questions and concerns that arise within the shared work. It is a place where practice itself becomes theory for and because of the production of knowledge, analysis and the search for other means of production.

Mugatxoan is a choreographic project: choreographic in the sense of the space / time relations between the people involved in it, the people who enter and leave, who pass through; It is a form of essence and state.

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