A Disembodied Voice, Towards Love.

How to be without being?

How to go on creating situation, present tense?

Sound as a medium of dematerialisation. What do we perceive from a piece of performance art when we don't see it and only hear it? Could we ever perceive the space where it is performed and the image it produces? When does the body disappear? Is the voice body?

The perception of love as a sign. Until when does language operate more as a suggestion of the real? Can language be activated as a sign of something that has not yet found its words?

As a way of answering these and other questions, we have turned to the format of the radio programme, for its capacity to create contents through practice and shared processes of knowledge, and above all, for its capacity to create a present or another present. 

The radio suggests, or at least allows one to believe in, the notion that someone is at the other end of the microphone. The desire to find a space-time continuum with the person the narrator is addressing. As Manuel Cirauqui rightly says: “The intensification of the here and now, a paradox for strengthening the relationship with someone we cannot see, someone who is always there and thus inhabits a maybe”.
This experimentation is in no way related to radio as a medium, as a laboratory, but as a place where performance “rests” or leans, thus seeking the validity of the sign in its transfer and adaptation to this different format.

We believe that when the displacement between what happens and what one perceives –which normally occurs through sight–is only perceived by way of the sound it makes, it poses interesting questions on the notions of performance.

This experience activates the practice of the relations produced between the immaterial object and the spectator in the area of performance and the development of some of these elements outside their presential mode, to the benefit of more discursive modes.



Blanca Calvo and Ion Munduate

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