oct 27, 2011 - oct 28, 2011



Tresnak::Tools:: {02}{Physical computing | Creative Electronics  Introduction to Arduino The Tresnak::Tools workshops are introductory sessions on how to approach the new technologies for their subsequent application in the creative and artistic arena.

Arduino is a free hardware platform, which facilitates the use of electronics in multidisciplinary projects, which enables appliances to be created that relate with the physical world, to give one example. Inspired directly on Processing, a visual programming language, it seeks to apply the same development simplicity and rapidity principles of this language to the field of electronics. It is a programming environment and integrated circuit, both under open code licences, designed to implement electronic projects, which is ideal for education and rapid prototype environments.

The course provides an initial introduction to creative electronics, which can be used to develop autonomous interactive objects or connected to different software platforms (Processing, Max/MSP, Pure Data, VVVV, ...).  It is a good starting point to embark on designing interactive installations and digital art projects that require development of electronic solutions.

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Inscription: send your details to before 17 October
Participants: Maximum 10

Thursday 27
Welcome breakfast
12:00-14:00 Introductory session: “ ” *
14:00 15:00 Install Lunch *
16:00 - 20:00 Training Session I
Run by David Pello
Programmer and designer of electronic prototypes, and partner in free hardware and software projects, wireless networks and interactive installations, he has worked with Hactivist, or Derivart on several projects, and he was a researcher for the Mapeando Asturias projects as part of the Plan Avanza..
He is currently the technical manager of the Plataformacero production centre at LABoral Industrial Design and Art Centre.

Friday 28
12:00-14:00 Introductory Session: “ ” *
14:00 15:00 Open Code Salad *
16:00 - 20:00 Training Session II
Run by Tuni Panea
Jonathan García Lana, TUNIPANEA. Belgium-Navarra-Bilbao. Visual artist, musician and violin maker 2.0.  He is now working in sound experimentation, by designing, constructing and interpreting his own artefacts produced using waste and electronics.
His recent project that experiment with electronic clothes, monumental projection and sound gardens and can be seen at

* Attendance at the project examples and installation session is not compulsory, but is recommended

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