2010/01/25 - 2010/01/29


Parte-hartzaileak Daniel Canogar

Workshop given by Daniel Canogar

Date: 25 - 29 January

Schedule: 10 am to 2 pm and of 4 am to 7 pm

Participants: 15

Deadline for enrolment: 13 January. Send your personal data with your CV and a letter of motivation to arteleku@gipuzkoa.net

Image credits: Courtesy Galería Max Estrella. Daniel Canogar VEGAP

Artists have always been the great recyclers of history, rummaging in the rubble of the past to try to make sense of the present. In the twentieth century, discarded objects started to be literally incorporated into the art work. From Duchamp's readymade, which gave a whole new artistic meaning to reject items through to Pop Art which turned its attention to the mass production of disposable items, one would be hard-pressed to understand contemporary art without addressing this fascination with waste. Now, at a time when the world is preoccupied with the environment, a number of photographers are documenting the excremental landscape of the consumer society, and various artists are finding material for their projects in rubbish tips and scrap heaps. In all these works we see that a society is known by its rubbish.

The workshop Waste invites participants to become archaeologists of rubbish tips, scrap heaps, breakers' yards and derelict sites containing a host of different types of waste. Secondly, the workshop will provide a good forum for re-contextualising this waste and giving it a new meaning through art. Subjects related to excess, memory, the consumer society and the plundering of the planet's natural resources will all be addressed in the workshop exercises. We will also investigate the search for alternative models for society in opposition to the disposable culture. The workshop exercises will culminate in a final project, presented on the last day of the workshop, with which it is hoped to help participants position themselves in a contemporary context through their work.


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