Silkscreen Printing: Experimentation and Projects
2011/07/01 - 2011/07/29

Silkscreen Printing: Experimentation and Projects


Technical consultant: Nerea López

Date: 4 to 29 April.

Times: Monday to Friday, 16:00 to 20:00.

Participants: maximum 8
Price: €60.10

Registration dates: until 24 March. Send your personal details, specifying the contact you have had with silkscreen printing (if any), your CV with images of your work and the project you wish to do to The students admitted to the course will be selected by the person responsible for the workshop.

The workshop will include an initial stage for beginners in the basic procedures of silkscreen printing and how it works. The second stage will consist of finding solutions to develop and complete the projects that have been put forward, with the possibility of using Arteleku's infrastructure and the technical advice given by Nerea López.

On the first day of the workshop, participants must provide the receipt of payment into La Kutxa, account number: 2101/038 /07/000132947/3. The cost of the material will be on Arteleku's account within the limits set by the person responsible.

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