Mugatxoan 2nd phase (Serralves)
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sep 20, 2010 - oct 03, 2010

Mugatxoan 2nd phase (Serralves)


ARTELEKU, Donostia from 21 June to 4 July

TEATRO DE LA LABORAL, Gijón from 5 to 18 July

SERRALVES, Porto from 20 September to 3 October

The Mugatxoan project offers a programme of workshops, processes and presentations shared by visual and performance artists with the aim of discussing and tackling creative experiences, using open dialogue and common research.

The 2010 programme features a meeting between the processes and projects of Marten Spangberg (Stockholm), Keller-Muller-Repotente (Berlin), Inazio Escudero (Bilbao), Itziar Okariz (New York-Donostia-San Sebastián), Xavier le Roy (Berlin) and Gary Stevens (London), opening up topics in various potential directions over and above what might be expected, encouraging cross-overs to establish new relationships, shifts and frictions.

The second phase is starting at Porto, for more information:


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