jul 25, 2012 - jul 30, 2012


Coordination: Gabriela Muñagorri

Guest teachers: Zöe Taylor, Gabriela Muñagorri.
Guest designers: Nora Izagirre, Luis Manteiga
From 25 to 30 July

Registration: Free.Please send your CV and 10 images of recent work toinfo@arteleku.net before 20th July.
Participants will be selected by the course coordinator. Please specify your level of English.


Workshop for analysing the use and current practice of drawing and illustration in fashion (creative process of a designer, applications for the design of fabric prints, practice and applications of drawing in the publishing world, etc.). The course will offer practice in the application of the individual work of each participant in the fashion sector (use governed by sector requirements and customs).

This workshop is for students or graduates of Fine Arts and/or Fashion, illustrators and artists who work with drawing.


 25-26-30 July. 9:30h-13:30h/ 15h-19h
Gabriela Muñagorri Mendiola

"In my drawings, I work constantly with opposites that are not easily harmonised, figurative and abstract elements, difficult colour combinations, text and drawing and different techniques with the idea of collage and layers in mind. My drawings are exercises, roads for creating a balance between opposites, creating a harmonious final image, misshapes - new shapes, strange images. One of the applications I am working with at present is the application of drawings to the design of fabric prints using digital media and craft techniques.


26 July. From 15h to 17h

The designers Nora Izagirre and Luis Manteiga will present their work to participants and show them how they use drawing in the process for creating a collection

"After graduating in Fine Art, I chose the fashion world and, at that time, while studying for the road I had chosen, I realised that I had to combine both worlds, in other words, art and fashion. That has led me, for example, to paint trousers as if they were squares, to turn my drawings into embroidery and to write my doctoral thesis as an expression of my drawings. At the present time, I need my hand to express what I have in mind: the lines I draw with my hand help me because they are spontaneous, intentional and improvised." Nora Izagirre

"I conceive looks or figurines by blocks, as characters. I normally create the characters as if I were the scriptwriter of a science-fiction film. I create planets with their own atmosphere, I create my own worlds and universes and I draw them without thinking how I will do it so as not to limit myself. When I have all the characters, I decide the colours, fabrics and materials and I transfer the pieces to the pattern or to craft pieces, handmade using different techniques."Luis Manteiga


27-28 July. From 10:00 to 14:00
Zöe Taylor. Fashion, Drawing and Narrative

"I aim to make drawings and visual stories that evoke a particular tension but I like the context and atmosphere of the drama to remain ambivalent. My fashion drawings place the looks in settings that suggest a sense of narrative. I try to describe the clothing accurately, I enjoy suggesting texture for instance, but the most important element for me is that the image has a particular atmosphere. Sometimes the drama is an internalised one ‐ I often try to show the models or characters absorbed in moments of thought or anxiety. I like the haunting effect of film stills from the classic era which I often reference in my drawings."
“Zoe’s work has always been exploratory. Partly timeless, partly film noir, it is charged with a drama that is at once mysterious and melancholy... Her fashion drawings feature in magazines and on websites. They depict the latest fashions but her somnambulistic models wander through her invented interiors that are half real, half dreamscapes.”
‐ Andrzej Klimowski On Illustration Oberon Books, 2011 


Assembly room
27 July at 19:30
Conference Zöe Taylor
“Mise en Scènes: Fashion, Drawing and Narrative”. Zoe Taylor.


Gabriela Muñagorri Mendiola.
After graduating in Fine Art and completing doctorate courses and research on the practice of drawing at the UPV, together with a time as resident artist at Arteleku, she moved to Barcelona. She has worked as a teacher at the Felicidad Duce fashion school of Barcelona, has worked as a children's illustrator and for fashion magazines such as 50easy. She has also exhibited her drawings at the Ferrán Cano Gallery. She currently lives in San Sebastián and applies her drawings to fabric design. She is working on her doctoral thesis on representation in fashion and on various teaching projects, including this course.


Zöe Taylor, is a London-based illustrator. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2009, she has been commissioned by The Guardian, AnOther Magazine, Grey, Syntax Editions, Luella Bartley, Harper Collins, Poetry News and London Fashion Week, among others. Her work has also featured in publications such as The Independent, Varoom, Creative Review, Wallpaper, Ambit, Le Gun, Bare Bones, Naked Punch and Vogue and she is featured in the book On Illustration by Andrzej Klimowski, professor of Illustration at the RCA (Oberon Masters, 2011). She was awarded the Sheila Robinson Prize for Drawing in 2009, an Oberon Book Award for illustrating Ice by Anna Kavan in 2008 and a Fine Art Bursary from the Worshipful Company of Painter Stainers in 2007.


Luis Manteiga has presented his collections as a fashion designer on the official national catwalks for young designers: Ego - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. He combines futuristic style in silhouettes and pattern designing using refined fabrics with traditional dressmaking based on craft methods.


Nora Izagirre, since graduating in Fine Art, she has completed her studies at the School of Fashion Techniques and Arts of Barcelona. She has worked at home and abroad with designers of great standing, such as Martin Margiela and Lolita Lempicka, and, in 2006, she decided to launch her own career with her sister.

Nora Izagirre. Since graduating in Fine Art, she has completed her studies at the famous School of Fashion Techniques and Arts of Barcelona. While in said city, she worked with Joseph Font and Elisa Amann and, in Paris, she worked with the great art director of Hermès, Martin Margiela and the designer Lolita Lempicka. On her return to her origins, she renewed the image of the firm Philippe Laporte and the design of the firm Cold Alaska – Individual Woman.  In 2006, Nora Izagirre created her own firm and, thanks to the knowledge acquired over the years, she has brought in a breeze of freshness to local designs.

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