ARTS - PHOTO - FASHION. William Selden
mar 28, 2011 - mar 31, 2011

ARTS - PHOTO - FASHION. William Selden


Conducted by William Selden

Concept and coordination: Colectivo YOX

Dates: March 28-31

Schedule: mornings/ evenings

Aimed at professionals and students of visual arts, especially photography

Number of participants: maximum of 12

Deadline for registratrion: March 17. Send your details, CV, 3 photographs (jpg, pdf format or Web link) and a letter setting out your reasons for wanting to take part to

*Within MID_E Studio 011 programme

From this starting concept and with the guidance of the British photographer William Selden, the participants will develop personal projects adapting a number of coordinates (looks by an invited designer, models, photo-shooting) to them. The best selected projects will be part of an exhibition that will be held in Artelkeku on the 1st of April as part of MID_E Studio 011

Key concept of the workshop. Photography and fashion, two of the main axes of visual representation of recent decades, now occupy a growing space in the perceptive experience of contemporary society. Individually and in combination they invade our everyday world, creating a sphere of relations (generally strongly mediatised) between the subject and the world. The growth in graphic, electronic and digital media testify to and extend this referential field.

Photography’s twin role as an artistic medium and a mechanism for registration and reproduction, has fostered different praxes ranging from the entirely artistic to the strictly commercial. Standing at this crossroads, photographers explore –sometimes from the perspective of art, sometimes from advertising, but more often from an intermediate position– this two-way circuit between art, fashion and photography. This circuit, with its well-known influence in the field of fashion, advertising and contemporary art, can be seen in the undeniable artistic quality of work published in graphic media and in the increasing presence of fashion photography in museums and galleries. It can also be seen in the work of photographers and visual and plastic artists, who use photography's capacity to create interaction between discourses that dilute aesthetic categorizations and question the production of sense and representation in and from photography.


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