jun 01, 2010 - jun 30, 2010




Requirements for use of the facilities


Outline of the project to be carried out in the workshop, and the date on which you plan to do the work.

Use of the workshop is subject to availability and at the discretion of the head of the workshop, who will review each proposal.

Coordination: Nerea López


Silk-screen: course in project experimentation and execution

Given by Nerea López

Date: 1 - 30 June

Times: Monday - Friday, 4 pm - 8 pm

Participants: 8 maximum

Price: €60

Deadline for registration: 22 may. Please send your details, specifying what previous contact (if any) you have had with silk-screening, a CV with pictures of your work and the project to be carried out to 

Participants will have a chance to extend their knowledge of this technique and experiment with it. The ultimate aim will be to find a solution that allows them to make their projects using silk-screening as a medium for developing their idea –partially or in its entirety– whatever the artistic form.
The workshop will be divided into two phases. In the initial introductory, phase, run by Nerea López, participants will learn about the working and basic procedures of silk-screening. In the second phase, they will seek solutions for developing and executing their projects.



Participants will be selected by the head of workshop.

On the first day of the workshop, participants must present a bank payment slip showing they have paid the fee into the Kutxa, current account number: 2101/0381/07/000132947/3. The cost of the material will be met by Arteleku within a limit established by the workshop head.


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