MID_E 07. International competition
nov 24, 2007 - dic 01, 2007 | Arteleku

MID_E 07. International competition


The show, organized by Colectivo YOX, is based on three of the areas which better represent this confluence towards the new forms and discourses of contemporary creation look at.

Independent Fashion Contemporary fashion practices as a medium of expression. Conceptual fashion, Haute- Couture, art proposals in textile medium, etc.

Electronic Image Digital and electronic formats: video- creation, photography, multimedia art, net- art.

DJ- Musical Creation Sound sessions and/or musical scores created or re-elaborated by discjokeys and musical creators.

MID_E supports the European avant- garde art creation by encouraging a dissemination and public debate sphere. Its international forum, with San Sebastian (Spain), as head- quarters and main framework, offers specific programs distributed into other Spanish and International cities. Requirements for participating

Open to participation from creators and artists resident in Europe, born on or after 1 January 1972.

Each participant may present only one project to the competition. Each project will be presented individually and will deal with its specific area. Group projects may also be submitted by teams formed by creators in one or several of the creative areas of the show. In case of collectives of one area, these collectives must be physically represented by a single creator.

The task to be performed by those selected in each speciality will be as follows:

Independent fashion:
.Creation, manufacture or adaptation of outfits, clothes and accessories. Minimum of 10 complete outfits made up per creator.

.Art work in textile medium.
Selected creators will contribute in their presentation project with related aspects such as: make- up and hairstyle lines, etc.

Electronic image: Single or multiple piece of video creation, video-jockeying, multimedia creation, net-art, CD-art or software-art, with a minimum total duration of 5 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes.

DJ- musical creation: session or creation of no less than 30 minutes and no more than 90 minutes.
It shall not be a requirement in any area that all the component parts of each individual project be exclusively created for the show. However, it will be a requirement that these pieces may not have been created before January 2006.

> Properly completed application form. Statement from the author, accepting the rules of the contest and surrendering the rights of public presentation of the creative work sent in as documentation, in the event of their being selected, to form part of the entire show programme.

> Curriculum Vitae.

> Report explaining the individual project that the author wishes to present within the MID_E show. This report will be completed with the work to be shown at MID_E or a preview of it in case it is not fully finished.

Independent Fashion: selection of pictures of complete outfits already made (minimum of ten) or art work in textile media. Images will be sent in CD or DVD format.

Electronic Image: work will be submitted in video format (DVD, CD). In case of being a preview of the work, this shall have a minimum duration of 3 minutes.

DJ- Musical Creation: The DJ session or musical score will be presented in audio or audiovisual format on CD or DVD. In case of being a preview of the DJ session or the musical score, the duration of the first should not be less than 30 minutes and 10 minutes the one of the second.

The report could be completed with examples from other works made by the candidate, identifying them clearly as additional documentation.
All material will be identified with the name of the author and his/her project. It is essential that all material presented should be of suitable technical quality, since as well as being used to evaluate the work of the creators, it may also represent a number of creators not included among the 9 selected.

All material from not selected authors will be destroyed.
Deadline and conditions for submission of applications

The projects, accompanied by the completed forms and documentation, must be received before 27 July (all projects postmarked by this date will be accepted).

Applications should be sent to:
Apartado de Correos 803, 20080 DONOSTIA-SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN.

Applicants are advised to send their projects by registered post, as the organisation cannot take responsibility for any loss that may occur before reception.

Notification to winning candidates
Successful candidates will be notified by telephone on the 31 of July 2007.
For further information, please write to competition@mid-e.com

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