APNEA Giovanni Lami's exhibition
Exhibition | Presentation
2009/03/06 - 2009/03/18

APNEA Giovanni Lami's exhibition

Parte-hartzaileak Giovanni Lami

Opening: March 6th at 19:00 pm

Apnea as a stoppage of breathing, is a display of pictures hanging out in Giovanni Lami Arteleku. Apnea sequences are emotional, portraits and landscapes, which bring us closer to the transgender community in Italy. Apnea as a suspension in time, is a look at the places of everyday life, the emotions of the portraits. People and places recorded by the photographic and objectivity which eludes her: Liza, Cinzia. Flores, knotted trees, blocks that are looking to fund ...

Giovanni Lami is the winner of the production contributed by Arteleku Project Rolling Rolak first edition of the online photography contest Argazklik.
Rolling Rolak has been a cultural event produced by the group and website Pripublikarrak Nontzeberri in 2008, which had the aim of reflecting on the roles we have, we developed, which have been imposed.

Apnea is a work in progress that will be presented on March 6th at 19:00 and will be shown from  March 6th to 18th in Arteleku.

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