Walter Langelaar//Paralevel

The 'paralevel' project is a series of alterations which add a videogame-level to a structure or building, which exists besides and beyond its physical architecture. The installations respond to the physical gallery space by mirroring and perpetuating it, and in this workshop we'll develop an additional interface layer in the form of game-objects that exist both in the real and in the virtual space.

The idea is to make physical objects with embedded sensors which control events and objects in the videogame space, and these objects should look like they actually came from the videogame as well; a combination of 3D-models, woodworking, printed game textures, sensors and interface hardware.


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Types of collaboration: 3d-modelers (low polygon+texture mapping), woodcraft, sensors&interfacing (Arduino/HID), software (PD, OpenCV, OpenArena, GtkRadiant)

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