World in Miniature: Children’s Worshop
- ago 09, 2012 from 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm

World in Miniature: Children’s Worshop


Run by: Stefanino de Angelis,  Marco Ieie
Date: 9 August
Schedule: 16.00 to 20.00
Participants: children and adults. (max. 40 pax. including children and adults)
Registration period:  3 August. Send your details to  or call  943 453 662

Cities in Miniature

This workshop consists of designing and using recycled material – clothes pegs, tops, plastic bottles, CDs, biro cases, etc. - to build six different cities. Each city [wooden board] will be different and at the end of the workshop, all the boards will be connected to make a single city.  The last hour of the workshop will include a short audiovisual performance involving Chinese shadows and other effects being projected on the city. The children will take part in the performance which aims to delve into the natural environment. The participants (adults and children) will learn to put on a show using acting, paint, sound, voice and the movement of light.

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