"reciprocal union of curiosities—an open protocol art education"
- jul 16, 2012 from 05:30 pm to 07:00 pm

"reciprocal union of curiosities—an open protocol art education"


Presentation by  Zilvinas Lilas
Place: Arteleku
Day: 16 July at 17:30pm

Zilvinas Lilas will talk about his evolving involvement with Academy of Media Arts, Cologne (KHM), which, since its establishment in 1991, has been in a continuous critical flux relentlessly alining itself to an ever-shifting cusp of téchnē and poïesis. As time goes, so does the preferred genres reigning the school: technically heavy media such as holography, web-art, interactive projects are currently being challenged by analogue or performative strategies of post-consumptional, technically skeptical humanism.
Academic exchange at the KHM is being approached as a situation of experiment, a refuge of unobstructed imagination and a laboratory for fusion between various forms of narration, genres and different technical modes, rather than a classroom driven by scholastic convention, knowledge hierarch, uniformity and skill oriented training.

The speaker will present a latest collection of student work—produced at or associated with Lab.D of the KHM—which demonstrates a wide range of narrative protocols, traditions, technical and aesthetic choices. Also, the audience will have a chance to hear and see creative activities of research and art production society Paidia Institute, co-founded and directed by the presenter.

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