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mar 02, 2010 - mar 06, 2010



The production activities will take place throughout the year. During the Muestra de Animac (Animation Festival) at Arteleku 2010, workshops and seminars will be hosted to complement the selected films. The activities programme features an eclectic group of artists, writers, graphic artists, dancers and producers who will contribute a different way of understanding the creative process.


Coordination: Isabel Herguera



Sheila Sofian/ David Fain



3 March. 10h - 14h.

Animation workshop offered by Sheila Sofian and David fain.

Students will receive brief demonstrations on how to set up a digital camera and software in order to learn paint-on-glass animation, cut-out animation, and object animation techniques. Captured images and/or sequences will be imported into Adobe Flash software. Animation techniques specific to Flash production will be demonstrated and discussed. Each student will record a spoken sentence, import the audio into Flash and use pre-built characters to lip sync to the recording.

Some computer experience required.

Participants: 15

Deadline: February 22, 2010


Deborah Levy


"Scheming and dreaming: structuring visual narratives for animation"


4 March.  10h -14h.

Animation Workshop offered by Deborah Levy.

In 1910, Sigmund Freud conducted an extensive psychoanalytic study of Leonardo da Vinci’s obsession with the mechanism of flight, using the artist's notebooks as his sources.
In this three hour workshop, we will use Freud’s study as a starting point to explore how a story that starts with a young artist constructing flying machines in 16th century Europe, might be re-imagined in the 21st century. A one page story will be written by all participants in a relaxed, creative atmosphere. These will be closely edited by Deborah Levy during the workshop so that all participants are offered  writing strategies to design the structure of a film.  Interested participants will be invited to story- board their responses. 

Participants: 15

Deadline: February 22, 2010


Sudhanya Dasgupta Mukherjee



 4 March. 12h - 14h

In conjunction with Dantzaz Elkartea, Sudhanya Dasgupta Mukherjee will hold a seminar on characterisation and gestures in  Bharatanattyam classical traditional ballet.

Sudhanya Dasgupta Mukherjee will  demonstrate the basic postures and gestures of Bharatanattyam ,the classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu, India. He will also perform some of the choreography arranged around the songs of Rabindranath Tagore, which are based on Bengala popular folklore.

Participants: 15

Deadline: February 22, 2010



Sekhar Mukherjee



Sekhar Mukerjee, the artist and graphic humorist,  will work on the walls of the Arteleku exhibition room throughout Animac at Arteleku 2010. 



Raimund Krumme



July 26 - August 20

Animation workshop offered by Raimund Krume

This workshop is aimed at artists or producers that wish to work using the animation technique. One requirement for taking part in this workshop is to have a project (from any discipline) in the production phase. 

All the students will be asked to submit, in accordance with an established timeline, some steps of the development of their project, such as the treatment, the storyboard, concept visualisation, aimatic, visualisation options, etc.  They will then be discussed by the group and constructive criticism and feedback given.

The workshop will seek to expand the idea of animation and cover areas such as installation, performance and staging, but special emphasis will be placed on the relationship with movement in space-time.

In this context, and in coordination with the section dealing with producing the students’ works, examples of films (real and animation films) will be shown and suggestions made regarding art, theatre and architecture.

Participants: 15

Deadline: Jun 30, 2010




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