Berbaoc - Vuk Jevremovic's Animation and Sound workshop
2007/06/18 - 2007/07/18 | Arteleku

Berbaoc - Vuk Jevremovic's Animation and Sound workshop


Arteleku. From the 18th of June to the 18th of July
Time: from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 h and from 16:00 to 19:00 h
Places: maximum of 5 people

Coordination: Isabel Herguera

“I basically began making animated films when I tried to add movement to paintings and graphics, and by creating a unique combination in which the story remained in the background, it became more intuitive and didn’t follow a single storyline.” Vuk Jevremovic

This workshop aims to let plastic and visual artists take a closer look at the world of animation by getting them to make a short animated film combining differents fields and using sound as a guide to provide a story line. Taking the musical composition Berbaoc* as a starting point, (Berbaoc = these words), each participant “will relate” this sound to its abstract content, leaving the door open to endless personal artistic languages. Each artist will recreate the meaning of a sound by producing an animated piece lasting approximately one minute. The result will be a collective film made among all the participants that can be seen consecutively (as a single film) or as an installation (by combining at random the various fragments that have been produced).

Berbaoc is a formal exercise that explores the creation of a narrative structure based on the juxtaposition of sound rhythms and their equivalent in animation: cyclical motion.

*Berbaoc is a piece that uses the voice as its only instrument. This piece based on a recording of the musician and composer Santiago Irigoyen is created by Xabier Erkizia. Berbaoc are also the sounds that remain between the words.

Application Form

To request a place at the workshop you must send the registration form, a curriculum and a letter explaining the reasons why you want to take part, and any material that you feel is relevant to Arteleku, before the 11th of June 2007 (by e-mail, by post or through the web page). The person in charge of the workshop will be responsible for the selection process and applicants will be personally informed whether they have been accepted on the 13th of June.

Vuk Jevremovic. Frankfurt, Germany. Animator and painter. After working as a freelance artist, he decided to study Fine Art in Munich, where he discovered animation thanks to his work as an interpreter with a renowned animator from the Zagreb School, Nedeljko Dragic. In 2002 he graduated as a scholarship student with the teacher and conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth who directed his paintings in motion towards animated pictures. His natural flair for motion pictures makes his work an audiovisual spectacle in which the narrative flows organically. Among his films we can give a special mention to: The wind subsides (1998), Panther (1998) – which won 15 international awards and was a finalist at the Oscars as best animated short film -, Diary (2000), Faces (2002), Quercus (2003), The Wheel Turns (2005), Open your eyes and do not breathe (2006), Lux (2007).

Xabier Erkizia. Basque Country. This artist’s work is based on searching and going more deeply into different directions in music and sound. Not only in installations but also in solo performances or group improvisations, his propositions are a cross between various ideas, styles, people, sounds and experiences. A musician, producer and columnist in various publications, he coordinates the Audiolab Sound Laboratory at Arteleku. He has collaborated with a great many creative artists in various disciplines, especially in the field of sound. He is a member of the Ertz association and co-editor of the platform, Sound Art.

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