Animac in Arteleku 2008
mar 04, 2008 - mar 08, 2008 | Arteleku

Animac in Arteleku 2008


This year’s programme consists of, on the one hand, the screenings and, on the other hand, of three workshops, detailed information regarding which can be found below.

Documentary space


During Animac, the Berbaoc installation will be on display at the Arteleku exhibition room.  Berbaoc is the result of the workshop held at Arteleku, in 2007, directed by Vuk Jevremovic and with the participation of  José Belmonte, Gustavo Díaz, Irati Fernández, Izibene Oñederra and Mercedes Sánchez. Berbaoc is a sound piece by Xabier Erkizia that uses voice as the instrument. The result is a collective work around the sound that remains between words.



Tuesday 4 March, 19.00 at Arteleku
La Punta del Iceberg: Retratos sobre la locura
Selection and presentation of short films by Eric van Drunnen.

Camouflage, Jonathan Hodgson. United Kingdom, 2001, 8’

Obsessively Compulsive, Andy Glynne. United Kingdom, 2003, 3’

A is for Autism, Tim Webb. United Kingdom, 1992, 11’

História Trágica Com Final Feliz, Regina Pessoa. Portugal, France, Canada, 2005, 7’46’’

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Paul Bush. United Kingdom, 2001, 5’15’’

The Old Fools, Ruth Lingford. United Kingdom, 2002, 5’37’’

62,3, Jacomijn Dijkers. The Netherlands, 1998, 4’57’’

DaDA, Piet Kroon. The Netherlands, 1994, 10’

 Total length: 55'


Wednesday 5 March, 19.00h. at Arteleku
Un Ojo en la Rueda
Selection of works by Abi Feijó and Regina Pessoa.

Founders of Ciclope films, Abi Feijo and Regina Pessoa will work on productions that focus on the most artisan and artistic part of the animation process..



Oh que Calma, 1985, 3’8’’

A Noite Saiu à Rua, 1987, 4’

Fantasporto, 1988, 43’’

Os Salteadores, 1993, 14’14’’

No More Aids, Your Future Can Be Changed, 1994, 25’’

Fado Lusitano, 1995, 5’35’’

Ana, 1997, 1’

Ciclo Vicioso, 1997, 23’’

A Noite, 1999, 6’35’’

Clandestino, 2000, 7’42’’

Odisseia nas Imagens, 2001, 23’’

Os Poderes do Senhor Presidente, 2004, 4’

História Trágica com Final Feliz, 2005, 7’46’’

 Total length: 55'


Thursday 6 March, 19.00  at Arteleku

Selection of independent animation short films produced during the last year. Selection performed by Isabel Herguera.

Hezurbeltzak, Izibene Oñederra, the Basque Country, 2007, 4’

Game Over, Pes. USA, 2006, 1’

M’apelle, Javier Mrad. Argentina, 2005, 5’30’’

Don’t let it all unravel, Sarah Cox. United Kingdom, 2007, 2’

Three Love Stories, Svetlana Filippova. Russia, Germany, 2007, 12’

Magnetic Movie, Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. United Kingdom, 2007, 4’47’’

Lapsus, Jaun Pablo Zaramella. Argentina, 2007, 3’20’’

Forest Murmurs, Jonathan Hodgson. United Kingdom, 2006, 12’

Battles of Album Covers, Rohitash Rao. USA, 2006, 2’15’’

Habiba, Mathieu Labaye, Belgium. 2006, 12 ‘

 Total length: 59'

Saturday 8 March, 18.00 at Sala Kutxa (Arrasate 12, San Sebastián)
Children’s Session

Selection of animation short films for children (6-12 years).

No dialogues

Une girafe sour la pluie, Pascale Hecquet. 2007, 12’10’’

Ma voisine et moi, Louise-Marie Colon and 6 women. 2006, 8’

Ankanet, Madina Iskhakova. 2007, 3’19’’

2 metros, Javier Mrad. France, 2007, 6’03

Devochka dura, Zojya Kireeva. 2006, 6’50’’

Total length: 36'





From the word to Fado, from Fado to the image
Animation Film Workshop

 Run by: Regina Pessoa and Abi Feijó

This animation workshop will be divided into two parts. The emphasis in the first part, the theoretical workshop, will be on the different ways of adapting poetry to an animation script. During the second part, the practical workshop, a short film will be produced using the script previously worked on.

Theoretical Workshop
3 to 7 March,

from 10.00 to 14.00
Participants: maximum 12

Practical workshop
19 June to 18 July,

10.00 to 14.00 and 16.00 to 20.00
Participants: maximum 6

Before  22 February 2008,  applicants should send to Arteleku the registration form, a CV and a letter setting out the reasons why they wish to participate. The successful applicants will be personally notified on 28 February.



Sound, image and cuisine workshop
Friday 7 March ,

15.00 to 20.30
Run by: CuCinema di Genzano
Participants: unlimited

CuCinema is a laboratory, where the “spectator” actively participates by using the senses to experiment with the “ingredients” provided.

The workshop will consist of transforming materials by taking them to other planes of existence: the film is touched and mainly felt using your hands and, after it is prepared using innumerable “techniques”, it is put in the "oven" of the project when it is turned into a lit image in movement. The result is a film painted by hand directly on 16 mm celluloid and a delicious Italian dish to be enjoyed together.




Lighting the Dark
Animation workshop

 3 to 7 March, from 17.00 to 21.00

Run by: Coke Riobóo and Lourdes Villagómez

In conjunction with: Lucía Onzain
Participants: maximum 12

The workshop will be based on producing a short film using  pixilation and drawing. Using choreography and the movement of the body, the participants in this workshop will use light to draw a piece designed by Lucía Onzain on domestic violence.

Before 22 February 2008, applicants should send to Arteleku the registration form, a CV and a letter setting out the reasons why they wish to participate. The successful applicants will be personally notified on 28 February.



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