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Other dimensions is a site specific sound performance motivated by theoretical physics:  considering light and sound spectra that we cannot perceive or detect, inconceivable forces that are passing by and through us at every moment, the existence of an endless number of universes, with entirely different laws of physics, inhabiting the same space as us, perhaps within every atom.

Sexton moves throughout the room, placing handheld oscillators and contact mics on various surfaces, finding zones of phase and interference, tones activating the room and resonating throughout.  With simple wire radios, electromagnetic fields and the occasional distorted broadcast are received and modified by touch, transforming exposed air ducts and heating pipes into large-scale antennas, her body part of the circuit.  Her use of simple, analog electronics allow for a truly direct performer-audience engagement, with the minimum interface separating source from sound, gesture from impact.


Alexander Wilson is a media artist, performer, musician, theatre director, and theorist based in Montreal, Canada. His work deals with processes of self-organization, evolution, chaos, signification and the pharmacological. He composes electro-acoustic music, produces experimental videos, interactive media and architectural installations, and directs theatrical events. He is co-founder of Parabolik Guerilla Theatre, with whom he has directed experimental plays. His music works revolve around the 01ek project (Suicide Prevention, 2007, Oral records, Imposture & Vacuity, 2010 Encodages de l’oubli.) and with the live-electronics trio K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O. (Existe, 2009, with Alexandre St-Onge et Jonathan Parant).


Wilson’s The Soliton Crossing is a series of solo audio visual performances that explores various wave phenomena, interference and noise, in the human world as well as at cosmic scales. Using custom computer software that synchronizes and harmonizes the frequencies and sequencing of sound and light, the performance tunes sound and light waves in and out of harmony with various resonant frequencies, standing waves and other cyclic phenomena in the physical universe, causing various patterns to emerge and propagate as the result of their interference.

The project is loosely based on the idea of Musica Universalis, an ancient philosophical concept that associated the proportional movements of celestial bodies to musical harmonies (the infamous “harmony of spheres”).The Soliton Crossing also harmonizes to the frequency of local electrical systems (60 Hz in North America), the ELFs of the standing waves in the atmosphere (known as the Schumann Resonances: 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz), as well as the resonant frequencies of the room in which the performances are presented.


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