Oier Ia: “Untitled”
Recital with commentary
- 2011/02/24 07:00 pm - 09:10 pm

Oier Ia: “Untitled”


Coordination: Audiolab

Arteleku. At 19.00 hours, 24 February 2011

Oier Ia has recently produced the sound track for  "Red River / Rio Tinto", the audiovisual work by Nadia Barkate and Marion Cruza, and performed the  "Hotsune enea ene! ene! unea hotsunene?" and "Tiempo de dar" installation-concerts, in conjunction with Loty Negarti.

In "Sin título" (ixi label, 2010), it continues with the minimalist line of earlier works, by creating a long piece that is very simple in terms of composition, but with very complex tonal quality. The presentation will feature a recital of the piece and a question and answer session where the audience can ask the author about the composition or his work method.

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