Akauzazte Danok
- 2010/03/12 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Akauzazte Danok


Date: 12 March, at 7 pm

Coordination: Audiolab

Guests: Members of Akauzazte Danok, Anjel Katarain

After six long years of preparation, this new disc, recorded , mixed and self-produced with their own resources builds on Akauzazte's unique career. And it is clear evidence that this Azkoitia-born project still has much to offer.

Over the 59 minutes of “Akauzazte Danok” the different layers of electric and acoustic guitars, the many loops and the different melodic structures evolve gradually but intensely, weaving a dense web that stealthily entices listeners in and suffocates them in slow motion. The textures the band creates are abrasive, rough, scraping and tough. The blocks of sound are repeated insistently, producing a hypnotic effect as the tribal percussion reinforces the structure with resounding rhythms and wild force (Extract from the text to mark the official release of the album).

At this presentation, organised by Audiolab Arteleku, various members of Akauzazte Danok will explain the process involved in making this new album and the audience will have a chance to listen to a number of tracks in 5.1 surround sound, especially prepared by sound engineer Anjel Katarain.




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