MID_E Studio 011
- 2011/04/01 02:25 pm - 02:25 pm

MID_E Studio 011


Coordination: Colectivo YOX

Date: 28 March – 1 April

MID_E, international art exhibition and contemporary creative practices.

The programme focuses on the reflection and laboratory aspect of the exhibition, based on a workshop and a multidisciplinary exhibition event, where photography, fashion, video and music come together.


Selection of works made during ARTS-PHOTO-FASHION. William Selden workshop


¬ 28‐31 March ART – PHOTO – FASHION workshop William Selden.
¬ 1 April. Multidisciplinary event.


2831 March. ART – PHOTO – FASHION workshop William Selden.
Second of a series of workshops that go further into the experience of photography practices where artistic expression and fashion advertising interact. Based on this concept and with input from William Selden, the photographer, the selected participants will work on personal projects which will be adapted to the workshop coordinates:  looks by Esther Lebrato, the guest designer, models, photography session. The best selected projects will be displayed in an exhibition to be held in Arteleku on 1 April as part of the MID_E Studio 011 programme.


1 April. Multidisciplinary event.
>Esther Lebrato. Video – fashion showcase by Colectivo YOX of a selection of works by the designer.
>ARTPHOTOFASHION exposition installation. It features the best projects produced during the ART – PHOTO – FASHION workshop. William Selden.
>Synthetic Pompette. Live (Live electronic music session).

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