Mugatxoan 2004
jul 01, 2004 - jul 03, 2004

Mugatxoan 2004


Co-producer institutions: Arteleku-Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, Fundaçao Serralves de Oporto, The British Council, AFAA

MUGATXOAN 2004 aims to share, review, redo and question the influence of the process on the final result of the pieces. The projects of twelve young artists will be selected and they will be provided with the space and time to progress with their process. The workshop does not have a single goal of producing a piece, but rather to help them develop strategies to work and make their mark as an artist. It will begin at Arteleku on 14 June and will end at the Fundaçao Serralves de Oporto on 18 July. During five weeks, they will have the opportunity to share projects and processes with the guest artists. Premiers, specific projects, iconic pieces, first pieces and works reviewed in different spaces of both centres will also be showcased.

This year, Ion Munduate and Blanca Calvo are inviting Andrè Guedes, Tino Sehgal, Pascale Murtin, Bettina Atala and François Hiffler to take part in the workshop and they are issuing an open call to be part of this experience.  This workshop is based on sharing the proposed processes by the guests, the presentations of pieces, and the development and monitoring of the projects of each participant.

Performances by  María Jerez, Larraitz Torres, Edurne Rubio, Juan Domínguez, Eva Meyer Keller, Grand Magasin and Tino Sehgal will also be organised.

One of the main objectives of Mugatxoan is to generate and support the projects of the young artists working in the field of performance and visual arts. Duringe 2003/2004, Larraitz Torres, Edurne Rubio and María Jerez are in residence, who are showcasing their work as part of the Mugatxoan programme at Arteleku and/or at Fundaçao Serralves.



Saturday 26 June – 16.30

SÁBADO POR LA TARDE EN GROS. Coordinated by André Guedes

- 21:00

ASTRA TOUR by Ion Munduate

Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 June – 21.00

PLASTIFICCIÓN by Larraitz Torres and EL CASO DEL ESPECTADOR by María Jerez.

Thursday 1 July – 20.00

DESDE by Edurne Rubio.

- 21:00


Friday 2 July

- 20:00

DESDE by Edurne Rubio.

- 22:00

DEATH IS CERTAIN by Eva Meyer Keller

Saturday 3 July - 20.00

DESDE by Edurne Rubio.

- 21:00 


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