THE BELL ROCK: network workshop
2012/06/18 - 2012/06/22

THE BELL ROCK: network workshop


Coordination: Isabel Herguera, José Belmonte
Date: 18 to 22 June
Schedule: 10.00 to 18.00
Participants: maximum 8
Registration period: 13 June. Please send your personal details, CV and motivation letter

This workshop will be conducted simultaneously online at five different audiovisual centre and coordinated by Arteleku.

·        ARTELEKU, Donostia-san Sebastian. Coordination: Isabel Herguera/ Jose
·        King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture School. Saudi Arabia.  Coordination:  Juan Camilo González.
·        Cinematic Arts - University of Southern California. Coordinacion: Juan Camilo González.
·        Quickdraw animation society, Alberta Canada. Coordination: Richard Reeves.
·        Atico Centre y Faculty of de Arts- Pontificia Javeriana University, Bogota, Colombia. Coordinacion: Cecilia Traslaviña <> ; Moebius Animación <>

This is the second of a series of network production workshops [Hondoko Itsasoa, 2011] that we began last year. The aim of the workshops to produce a series of animation segments using the Exquisite Corpse (Dada Edition) game. The work will be online and in real time, which will enable the participants to work or intervene on the drawings produced by the teams in the other centres. The final outcome is a hybrid made up of all the input during the week's workshop. This narration is constructed of the visual associations generated through the interaction of the different animation cycles.

The Bell Rock is the name of this second network production workshop and whose subject matter will be based around navigation instruments.  The Bell Rock is the world’s oldest surviving sea-washed lighthouse.   Located 18 km off the cost, this lighthouse is built perched on a 5- m deep submerged rock named Bell. Legend has it that an abbot put a huge bell on this rock as an attempt to stop the many shipwrecks that occurred there.  The idea was that when the tide was high, the wind and waves would ring the bell and warn the sailors.  The legend also goes that the bell was stolen by a Dutch pirate just a few months later.

The soundtrack b Xabier Erkizia is the base or format for the animation sequence.









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