We Rule The School
sep 26, 2005 - oct 07, 2005 | Arteleku

We Rule The School


Coordinated by Peio Aguirre and Leire Vergara.
26th September – 7th October 2005

Under the concept of We Rule the School: Conversations and Research and with the format of a theoretical and practical workshop, this educational space is opened to artists, critics and curators who wish to deepen into contemporary practices of art production and detect new possible fields for artistic action.

The continuous division of labour within the artistic sphere has caused provoked an excision between experience and knowledge. The progressive distance between theory and practice can be its’ clearest example, considering here, all its forms of activism, or even as a more visible reality between criticism and the curatorial practice. However, there are localised models of practice that offer new possibilities for the construction of semiautonomous spaces of action, reflection, self-organisation and interdisciplinarity, that within their own praxis, open new ways towards the constitution of collective identities.

One of the axes of the workshop will consist of healing the sterile fraction between apparently antagonistic models, as: the investigative and conversational, the scientific and the speculative, empiric and poetic, academia and thought, text and context, aesthetics and politics, planning and scenarios. In this regard, the methodology used for working will be determined by a triple-phased constitution: educational, situational and discursive.

This methodological aspect highlights the conditions of production in the discourse related to traditions, localisms, geographical limits and site (locale specificities from where these conditions are moulded).

This consciousness of a specific place (or a non-place) is fundamental to consolidate an imagined future of creativity applied to any given context, or situation through the strengthening of a (non-perfect) community of producers in a close interaction.

The workshop will imply a community formed by different investigators who feel great confidence in the object of their study. The information should be available and accessible for all, but each individual will concentrate on the development of a personal investigation. The exchange of artistic knowledge and the increment of vital experience will be one of the aspects to develop under the conditions of this situation of research. This workshop will circle around the idea of creative improvisation and speculation at the same time that will consider the personal but also collective knowledge of the effects of a community of such characteristics. Finally, it will take into account the necessity of its own members to become productive subjects who will maintain a productive and ethical ecology. The different individual contribution to the workshop will actually depart from the potential of each artistic practice.

We Rule The School: Conversations and research has two sections.
Seminar meetings: internal meetings registration needed
Conferences: opened to the public.


You can apply by sending the attached enrolment form, a curriculum and a short letter explaining the reasons why you want to take part in the workshop to Arteleku before the 7th of September 2005.

The maximum number of participants will be 15.

The selection process will be carried out by the workshop coordinators and applicants will be personally informed of their decision.Arteleku will provide accommodation for those selected.

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