Sounds in a Cause
PRESENTATION: Lecture + archive consultation
- 2010/03/17 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Sounds in a Cause


Date: 17 March, at 7 pm

Coordination: Audiolab

Guest speaker: Carlos Gómez

The whole of Latin America is undergoing major economic changes. Indeed, as in any other developing context, much has already taken place at varying rates, but the pace of change is set to accelerate in the future. A series of initiatives currently being mooted involve building major infrastructures. From Puebla to Tierra del Fuego, the construction of roads, telecommunications networks, hydroelectric dams, forest plantations, power grids, canals, etc. will cause profound and irreversible changes in nature. The human communities living in each of the affected areas will be forced to reconsider their relationship with their environment. They include indigenous communities that voluntarily refrain from mixing with other cultures, particularly, our own.

The intangible heritage, and with it, the sound heritage, is being seriously threatened in many places. Once the inevitable changes have taken place, the sounds, and with them, the causes of those sounds, will have disappeared forever. This is what happened in Spain in the second half of the last century: changes that had previously taken place at a relatively slow place began to occur faster and faster as economic development was extended to all of society. Unfortunately no programme exists for recovering the intangible heritage nor are there suitable technological resources for recording it in sufficient quality.

For Caos->Sonoscop, one of the activities of greatest interest of the archive of sound projects run by Orquesta del Caos at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea in Barcelona, is the recording of sound in contexts of particular anthropological and social relevance. Sound is a symptom of the existence of social, cultural, biological, geological and meteorological situations. Recording and disseminating these sounds can therefore be very useful for making studies and actions of very different kinds in those areas. The whole raison dêtre of Caos->Sonoscop is precisely to gather and disseminate sound data for subsequent use in artistic and research projects.

Event: Carlos Gómez (Bogotá, 1963), co-director of Orquesta del Caos, the Zeppelin Festival and the SONOSCOP sound archive, will be in charge of presenting “Sonidos en Causa” in the form of a lecture and a listening. Gómez will introduce the project recounting some of their experiences to date. He will also play some examples from the archive and will talk about the future of the project. Paralleling the presentation, the sound archive of SONIDOS EN CAUSA will be available for public consultation at the Arteleku media library.

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