Idoia Zabaleta. Fissure No 3: Txoriak
- mar 25, 2011 from 04:20 pm to 04:20 pm

Idoia Zabaleta. Fissure No 3: Txoriak


Date: 25 March

Time: 19.00 hours

In the Chinese tale in the previous fissure, No 2, the main character died after drinking poisoned water from a well. He now appears resurrected and dressed in white. In this new fissure, he wanted to sing a song that says that as a bird, he believed in that beautiful dream in which he now also wants to believe. He did not sing it, as he was frightened someone would hear him. He preferred to fly away.

Here, she works with a series of textual figures that illustrate violent tales or bird songs.  There is always another story within a story and nothing will stop a false story being told instead of a legend.

The wall here is a place to show that strange figure, that wanted to sit in a pail of milk, but did not do so in case it was heard.  It preferred to fly off, lightly, lightly like the robin that can now be found in dark forests.

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