Arteleku lies in the Loiola district on the outskirts of San Sebastián (about 2 km from the city centre).

It occupies an industrial building which formerly was a fodder store and later became a warehouse for storing electric material.

In 1987 it was inaugurated as an art centre after most of the old facilities had been refurbished. In 1992, the part of the building which had not been previously rebuilt (NW wing) was renewed and in 2002 the ground floor of the building was completely renovated.

Arteleku is bounded to the north by the Urumea river and the Conceptionists' Convent, to the east by the Regional Prison and orchards, to the south by apartment buildings and to the west by a big empty building site.

You can get there:

  • by car following the San Sebastián(Amara)/Hernani road
  • by bus number 26 (Martutene) (Txomin Enea bus stop, or the next one)
  • by "Topo" suburban train (Loiola station)
  • by Renfe suburban train (Loiola station)



Kristobaldegi 14 (o nuevo P. Ainzieta)
Loiola Auzoa
20014 Donostia - San Sebastián (Spain)

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